Copper Tube Coil

Copper Tube Coil / Copper Coil / Copper Tubing Coil

Numax Steels are a leading name, which is engaged in trading and supplying a wide range of Copper Tube Coil, Copper Coil, Copper Alloy Tube. The quality product offered by us finds its extensive application in securing glass panels, city construction projects and other structure-enhancing projects.

This Copper Tube Coil is essential to both domestic & public construction projects as it is the main component of the structure. We are offering our clients, high quality Copper Tube Coils. These copper Tube coil are mainly used for heat exchanges, air-conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing and heating elements. The offered tubing coil are available in different grades, dimensions and sizes and can be customized as per the client's requirement.

Copper Tube Coil, Industrial Copper Tube Coil, Copper Tubing Coil Manufacturer in India for Automobile Industries, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Medical Gas Pipeline.

Copper Tube Coil
Copper Tubing Coil
Copper Alloy Tube Coil

Copper Tube & Copper Tubing Coil Sizes & Materials

Size 1/8" (3.2mm)OD to 1" (25.4mm)OD
Length 50ft / 100ft
Thickness 10 s.w.g (3.2mm) to 27s.w.g (0.4mm)

Industrial Applications

  • Heat exchangers
  • Evaporators
  • Chemicals Industries
  • Brewery tubes
  • Distilleries
  • Boilers
  • Gas Pipe
  • Hydraulic Pipe
  • Refineries Ship Building & Ship Repairs
  • Air conditioning
  • Condensers
  • Solar applications
  • Fertilizers Industries
  • Thermal power plant
  • Structure Pipe
  • Chemical Fertilizer Pipe
  • Refrigeration
  • Power Plant

Copper Alloy Tube Coil, Copper Tubing Coils Stockist, Industrial Copper Tube Supplier & Exporter in India.

Available Types of Copper Tube Coil, Copper Tube, Copper Tubing Coil In India

  • Copper Tube Coil
  • Copper Tube
  • Copper Alloy Tube Coil
  • Copper Tubing Coil
  • Copper Alloy Tubing Coil
  • Copper Industrial Tube
  • Copper Industrial Tube Coil
  • Copper Alloy Tubing Coils
  • Copper Alloy Tube

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